where the mind body and spirit meet.

Channeling with Vina Chalice

If you’re returning to your intuitive nature, but wishing there was someone that could normalize your surreal, spiritual experience, come chat. Sync up with the grid of intuition, hear from your spirit guides, so you can find clarity on your path and grow your soul.

Group Channeling Session

Join us for an evening of channeled soul guidance, as we bring in messages and insights from the spirit realm, holding us closer to the spaces where the mind, body and spirit meet

Channeled readings

Connect to the grid of intuition to receive guidance and insights to support your soul’s growth. Shed limiting beliefs and co-create your reality knowing you are blessed.

Channeled coaching

Shift into a clearer vibrational present state of alignment through curiosity, intuition, somatic awareness, psychology, and guidance from the spirit realm.

About Vina Chalice

Since my first channeled transmission in 2015, I’ve stayed curious to the insights of the spirit realm.

As a Trance Channel I’m here to help you hear your inner voice and mirror back your personal capacity to shift timelines and align with the favorite version of you.

Translating the language of spirit can sometimes feel out of reach. While I’m not a medium that can see loved ones on the other side, I am a channel that is energetically-wired to hear and feel messages that matter to you.

Shoot for the stars and follow your curiosity to go higher.

In the quiet spaces, may you find your soul’s alignment.

My style is casual, authentic, and true to the moment. I’m pretty grounded but also very fluid when I sense an energy shift. It’s kind of automatic at this point for me to shift into a flow state where I’m on the receiving end. Ever played Chinese whispers? But with Spirit Guides?!


Galactic Guides

The Blue Avians want humans to take better care of Mother Earth. The Captain Planet tv show is what they’re all about. They want you to be mindful of the footprint each step creates. Be a good ancestor and leave everything better than you found it.

inner child

Fairy Isabella

“People underestimate me cause I’m a fairy.” Playful. Bubbly. Hilarious. Fairy Isabella is the imaginary friend your inner kid wish you knew existed when you were young. She has a way of connecting the dots and getting you to color outside the lines.

Angel Messenger

Council of Light

Peace on earth is available to you regardless of your circumstances, identity, or beliefs. It’s a frequency that lifts you when you drop into your heartspace. Free up space and receive the blessings from the collective of archangels, such as Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Michael, and Archangel Raphael.


remember. we’re on a soul adventure. stay curious.
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